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The brain is a very sophisticated organ which is an integral part of your life and everything you do. Improving your brain is possible in a number of different ways. You should take measures to improve your brain in order to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Foods to Improve Your Brain

What you put into your body in terms of nutrition really impacts how the brain works and how efficiently it can perform. Junk foods should mainly be avoided or consumed in sensible portion sizes in moderation as they can negatively affect the brain. Good foods to help improve your brain will include nuts, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fish and lean meats. Eating healthier increases the chances that the brain and body receive a higher quantity of beneficial nutrients needed to improve the brain.
Staying hydrated is also one of the most important ways to ensure your brain is functioning at optimum levels. Water helps in various functions within the body and ensures that the brain can function correctly and rejuvenate during the body’s repair periods. Taking long periods of inadequate water intake can actually damage the brain and other vital organs.

Supplements to Improve Your Brain

Generally it is a good idea to take a multivitamin to supplement your daily intake of micro-nutrients which may not be available in your daily diet. There are several formulations designed for a range of targeted needs such as men’s, women’s, children’s as well as geriatrics vitamin complexes with measured ingredients for optimal absorption and dietary needs.

Vitamin B complexes including Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 have been shown to be critical for proper brain health. Magnesium has been shown to improve long term memory when taken regularly. Vitamin C has been shown to increase blood flow and circulation in the brain as well as reducing brain degeneration with regular use. Vitamin D is also an important part of healthy brain development throughout your lifetime and can be received through exposure to sunlight on the skin or with supplements.

There are also many different herbal supplements, extracts and naturally or synthetically produced supplements which are reported to have varying effects on improving your brain. It is generally a good idea to research any supplement and ask a doctor before taking any supplement to ensure it does not have any adverse reactions with current medications or health related matters.

Exercise to Improve Your Brain

Almost any form of exercise is healthy for the brain and requires the body to increase circulation while removing toxins and keeping the body healthy. Aerobic exercise really gets the blood flowing to your brain. Strength training increases the muscle mass of the body as well as the amount of blood in the body. Both forms of exercise will create endorphin’s and other “feel good” hormones which can improve mood and is beneficial in improving your brain over time.

Games to Improve Your Brain

Any type of game which targets specific parts of the brain during play can really be useful in improving your brain. Many popular word games and puzzles such as Scrabble, crosswords and even word searches can really improve your brain’s attention span and critical thinking skills. Games where you have to use your memory such as flash memory cards or games similar to the Simon electronic game which flashes colors and plays tones that need to be matched by the player will help to improve memory and the speed at which the brain works. Games involving numbers such as Sudoku help with arithmetic and keep the brain busy and focused while concentrating on filling in the missing number squares using thinking methods in several ways.

Ensuring that the brain is challenged often will greatly improve the brain with time and practice. It is also important to let the brain rest and take part in healthy leisure activities as well as moderate amounts of sleep to allow for proper brain function.

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